Page 57. " If one grave in a graveyard looks like the target for petty vandals "

Highgate Cemetery West Vaults
Creative Commons AttributionHighgate Cemetery West Vaults - Credit: Caacrinolaas
Highgate Cemetery West
Creative Commons AttributionHighgate Cemetery West - Credit: Will Johnson

Page 61. " his nightly excursions in the world outside "

Although it is never explicitly stated in the book, in this SciFiNow interview Gaiman confirms that Silas is indeed a vampire.

Page 71. " suits that did up in the back "

Burial clothes usually have open backs that can be fastened.  This is because it is very hard to manoeuvre a dead body into normal clothes.

The creatures wearing these suits must have acquired them from buried corpses.

Page 74. " The city they call Ghûlheim "
The Jungle Book
Creative Commons AttributionThe Jungle Book - Credit: Moreh Walker
The Sandman Books
Creative Commons AttributionThe Sandman Books - Credit: Ballookey Klugeypop

Kipling fans may notice the parallels between Bod's journey to Ghûlheim and Mowgli's misadventures with the "Bandar-log", the Langur monkeys.

The name of the ruined city of ghouls is derived from the German word "heim", which means "home".

Gaiman's descriptions of the horizon's red sun and the nightmarish angles of Ghûlheim's battlements summon imagery from another of his projects, The Sandman: Season of Mists.