Page 105. " Lake Superior "

 Lake Superior is the biggest of the Great Lakes, bordered by Ontario to the north and Wisconsin to the south. It is the largest freshwater lake in the world in terms of surface area.

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Page 107. " Barbary Coast "

The Barbary Coast was a district of old San Francisco. It took its name in the mid-19th century from the north coast of Africa, itself named after the Berbers. It first gained its character as a place of booze, prositution, gambling, drugs and vice of every stripe during the California Gold Rush of the 1850s. Much of it was destroyed during the 1906 earthquake, but many establishments were rebuilt and up and running in a surprisingly short time. The 1914 Red Light Abatement Act eventually drove the area's activities underground.


Page 116. " Can't repeat the past? he cried incredulously. Why of course you can! "

The quintessential Gatsby quote.

Everything in Gatsby's life is driven by the need to recapture the love of Daisy, lost when he was too poor to marry her the first time around.

Page 116. " 'Three O'Clock in the Morning' a neat, sad little waltz of that year "


Listen on Spotify:    Three O'Clock in the Morning performed by Paul Whiteman