Page 34. " What she really wanted to do was to be allowed to help in the stables, but they'd never let her do that "

Women's work in ancient Rome, both for slaves and free women, was usually restricted to housework and textile production.


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Page 46. " ‘At night Rome was not quiet’ "

Roman Senators going to the Forum Jean Lemaire
Public DomainRoman Senators going to the Forum Jean Lemaire
The Viminal Hill was the smallest of the seven hills of Rome, lying in the northeastern corner of the city, with the Quirinal hill to the northwest and the Esquiline to the southeast of it. Visible from it were the Forum and Circus Maximus. The forum was in the Centre of the city, between the Capitoline, Palatine, and Esquiline Hills. The Circus Maximus lay in the south, between the Palatine, Aventine and Caelian hills 

Wheeled vehicles had been prohibited in the city of Rome during daylight hours by Julius Ceasar.