Review by Arleigh Johnson

 The Green Bronze Mirror

  By Lynne Ellison

A highly imaginative fifteen-year-old, Karen is taking a lonely walk on the beach during her family’s visit to the coast in England. She happens upon a mirror that transports her back nearly 2,000 years to Roman occupied Britain. Perhaps foolishly, she makes her presence known to a group of soldiers in an attempt to make sense of the situation, and as a result she ends up a slave.

Passed through many hands and making friends along the way, Karen eventually finds herself a house-slave belonging to an upper class family in Rome. There she witnesses many sights, events and personages she had read about back in her twentieth century life. While settling into her new position, not unhappy with her plight, she continually ponders ways of returning to her own family and time period.

Something the reader must keep in mind when critiquing this book is that it was written by a then fourteen-year-old. Considering this, the writing style is very mature and quite above standard. Why it was not edited or improved by the author in the later years I am not sure, but thinking back to my own adolescent writing I believe it would be a more nostalgic path to allow the writing to remain unedited and intact.

The Green Bronze Mirror   is a fun and adventurous read for anyone interested in the history of Ancient Rome. The author’s knowledge and love of horses is very apparent in the writing, as are her religious beliefs, as Christianity is touched upon in a most fervent manner later in the book to coincide with the acts of the Emperor Nero and the burning of Rome.

While there are many things in the book that could be questioned as to the plausibility – such as Karen’s abnormally accommodating and accepting disposition, the unlikely attitudes of others or situations that fall a little too neatly into place – the validity of the historical facts is accurate as far as my knowledge of the time period allows.


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