"It will be midsummer in the archipelago now, high season at her mother's guesthouse"

Nauvo is in the Finnish Archipelago, a watery seascape studded with tiny islands.

Archipelago Sea
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumArchipelago Sea - Credit: Radoslaw Botev, Wikimedia Commons
Nauvo within the Finnish Archipelago Sea
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It is a very popular place for holidays, so Elina's mother's guesthouse would have been a thriving business, and would probably have been located near to a marina like the one pictured, to allow the guests to go fishing and to visit the smaller islands. The photograph of Nauvo harbour shows the shoreline that the boats would have returned to with their catch.

Marina at Nasby, Central Archipelago
GNU Free Documentation LicenseMarina at Nasby, Central Archipelago - Credit: User:LPfi, Wikipedia Commons


Nauvo harbour
Public DomainNauvo harbour - Credit: SeppVei, Wikimedia Commons

Tove Jansson was a writer who captured the atmosphere and beauty of these Finnish islands in The Summer Book. She tells of a grandmother and her small granddaughter, who spend the long summer months on one of the small islands in the Gulf of Finland (just east of the Archipelago), and her tales of their growing relationship are set within the daily experiences of being in such a wild, isolated place, and give the reader a very immediate sense of living in that world.