Page 151. " Sing Sing "
sing sing
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sing sing cell
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Sing Sing is a maximum security prison close to New York. 

Warden Lawes was in charge of Sing Sing for 21 years, retiring in 1941. During his time he worked constantly for prison reform. He also wrote books inspired by his experiences in the prison, some of which were made into films. 



Page 160. " Brown Oxford shoes "

oxford shoes
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Page 161. " Chain gang "
chain gang
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A chain gang is a group of prisoners chained together to perform menial physical work such as building roads or digging ditches.


Page 162. " I wish to attend Tuskegee College "
tuskegee college
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Tuskegee University is a private, historically black university in Alabama. It was founded by Lewis Adams, a former slave, and George W Campbell, a former slave owner. The idea to found a place of education originated with Adams' concern that newly freed slaves would struggle, having had no formal education.

Page 162. " Booker Washington "

booker washington
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Booker Washington was born into slavery and went on to educate himself once his family were freed. In 1881, he became the first leader of the Tuskegee Institute, which he headed for the rest of his life. He was an important spokesman for the African-American community.

Page 162. " Scottsboro Boys "

scottsboro plaque
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The Scottsboro' Boys were a group of 9 young black men who were convicted of rape in 1931. The case was conducted in a mob atmosphere and the juries were exclusively white. There were a number of discrepancies in the inquiry. 


Page 174. " Pott's Disease "

pott's disease
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Pott's Disease is a form of tuberculosis that affects the spine. It can give the appearance of a hunchback.