Page 59. " the partly covered flying-jinny "
flying jinny
Public Domainflying jinny - Credit: John: wikipedia

A flying jinny is a merry-go-round or carousel. It is a fairground ride featuring brightly painted horses which travel in a circle, "galloping" up and down.


Page 63. " There was a panama hat on the bed "

Panama hats are actually of Ecuadorian origin. Finely woven from straw, they are associated with hot seaside climates. The name comes from the fact that the hats were exported from the Isthmus of Panama, along with various other South American goods.

Page 64. " Karl Marx and Thorstein Veblen "
Thorstein Veblen
Public DomainThorstein Veblen - Credit: pil56: wikipedia

Karl Marx
Public DomainKarl Marx - Credit: Daniel Córdoba Bahle
Thorstein Veblen was a Norwegian sociologist and economist. He viewed the economy as an evolutionary process. He is remembered for the phrase "conspicuous consumption", referring to the habit of people from all walks of life of attempting to impress those around them by conspicuously demonstrating what they could afford to consume. 

 Karl Marx was a 19th century political philosopher. Along with Friedrich Engels, he wrote The Communist Manifesto. This was a condemnation of capitalism and basically suggested that the world's resources should be shared equally.

His ideas are summed up in the line "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs".

Page 66. " Tonight he read Spinoza "
Public Domainspinoza - Credit: AndreasPraefcke: wikipedia

Baruch Spinoza was a seventeenth-century philosopher. He equated God with Nature and believed that "good" and "evil" were rooted in the material world.


Page 68. " a nice mess of collard greens "

Collard Greens are loose-leafed vegetables from the same family as broccoli and cabbage and are very similar to kale. 

Page 69. " he would distribute the devices to his patients himself "

The "devices" that Dr Copeland talks about are most likely condoms. By the 1930s, condoms were mass produced, although they were not universally available. Legal restrictions were gradually relaxing, but the Church's stance remained resolutely anti-contraceptives. During the Great Depression, the reusable rubber models grew in popularity, due to their cost effectiveness.

1930s condom packet
Public Domain1930s condom packet
1930s condom packet
Public Domain1930s condom packet