"He'd shown her blue flax and cinquefoil and balsamroot and the ones they called rooster heads"
Arrowleaf balsamroot
Creative Commons AttributionArrowleaf balsamroot - Credit: Mark Wagner

Montana has a rich flora because the state includes many different ecosystems, from the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest to the drier Great Plains and the Intermountain areas in between.


Sulphur cinquefoil
GNU Free Documentation LicenseSulphur cinquefoil - Credit: Jerzy Opiola





'Rooster heads' probably refers to the Shooting Star, a primrose of the Genus Dodecatheon. The flowers are pollinated by bees, which grab hold of the petals and gather pollen by buzzing their wings ('buzz pollination'), causing vibrations that release pollen from the anthers.






Blue flax
GNU Free Documentation LicenseBlue flax - Credit: Skoch