"two and a half hours on the Taconic State Parkway"
by cm
Taconic State Parkway
Creative Commons AttributionTaconic State Parkway - Credit: Phillip Capper

The Taconic State Parkway links the town of Hawthorne in Westchester County to East Chatham in Columbia County.  At 105 miles, it is the longest divided highway (dual carriageway) in the State of New York.

The Parkway was completed in the early 1960s and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was designed by civil engineer and landscape architect Gilmore Clarke to offer scenic vistas of the Hudson Highlands, Catskills and Taconic regions, and to be aesthetically pleasing in itself.


Taconic State Parkway Map
Public DomainTaconic State Parkway Map - Credit: Nick Nolte