"After reading Nansen's account of his polar expedition"

   Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930) was a Norwegian scientist and diplomat who led an unsuccessful expedition to reach the North Pole between 1893 and 1896.  Based on a theory stating that objects caught in the shifting ice of the Arctic Ocean would gradually drift across or near to the pole itself, he intentionally allowed his ship the Fram to become frozen in place.  When the waiting became intolerable, he left the rest of the crew to set out by dogsled with shipmate Hjalmar Johansen (1867-1913), and together they set a new record for the farthest northern point yet reached.  Although the expedition was ultimately a failure, the huge popular success of Nansen's account brought him both international celebrity, and considerable wealth.

Online edition of Nansen's 'Farthest North' (Volume I, and Volume II), (1897)

Online photographic database of Nansen's life and work at the National Library of Norway