"I learned this from Zola's Germinal, in which children are invited to bring salad leaves of this sort with them"
Two dandelions side-by-side in some grass, (2008)
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumTwo dandelions side-by-side in some grass, (2008) - Credit: Lewis Collard

   Zola's novel chronicles the poverty and growing radicalism of French miners in the 1860s, often considered his masterpiece and certainly amongst his most successful.  In Chapter Four a child is ordered to gather for dinner a salad of dandelions, called hufflatich in German and, in French, pisse-en-lit - literally 'wet-the-bed', a reference to the plant's diuretic properties.


Online edition of Émile Zola's 'Germinal', as translated by Havelock Ellis, (1885)