"As early as my Studies in Hysteria, published in 1895, I was able to give the explanation for the first hysterical attack which a woman of over forty suffered at the age of fourteen"

   Freud here seems oddly possessive of the work he published jointly in 1895 with collaborator and one-time mentor Josef Breuer (See note to page 80).  Scattered throughout it are references to the patient he alludes to here – Anna von Lieben, member of a wealthy and influential Viennese family to whom he gave the pseudonym 'Frau Cäcilie M'.  Towards the end of the book's collection of case histories, he relates her first hysterical attack at the age of fifteen (not fourteen), during which she allegedly experienced her grandmother's 'piercing' gaze as a physical pain in her own forehead.


Online edition of Freud and Breuer's 'Studies in Hysteria', as translated by A. A. Brill, (1937)