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Page 359. " impressions of colour from my last Italian journey, the lovely blue of the Isonzo and the lagoons, and the brown of the Carso "
Isonzo, (2006)
Creative Commons AttributionIsonzo, (2006) - Credit: Andrea Musi

   The Isonzo or Soča (Slovene) river which originates in the Slovenian Alps, flowing through North-Eastern Italy, is known for its distinctive emerald-green waters.  The Carso or Karst (German) plateau region marks the border between the two nations, its weathered limestone terrain giving the name 'karst topography' to similar locations around the world.


Doberdò del Lago, Italian Karst, (2005)
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeDoberdò del Lago, Italian Karst, (2005) - Credit: Alex Brollo

















Carso/Karst region