"she could sing folk songs, ghazals, even raga"

Public DomainGazelle - Credit: Pearson Scott Foresman
A ghazal is an ancient and melancholic style of Persian poem formed of rhyming couplets with a refrain.  The subject is usually unattainable love.  Most ghazal poets, like Rumi, were Sufis.

The form is named after the gazelle (ghizaal), an animal which had to be killed to obtain the sweet musk sought after in the Arabian world.  It was said that the dying cry of a gazelle was comparable to the pain of separation or love lost.

 Three ghazals by Rumi

Sitar Player
Public DomainSitar Player - Credit: Jan Kraus
A raga, meaning "colour", is a type of Indian melody which is said to evoke a particular mood.  It is typical of most classical Indian music, as well as some modern film songs. 

Raga Kausi Kanhara

Raga Sindhura