Page 316. " the battle for Kunduz "
US Special Forces outside Kunduz
Public DomainUS Special Forces outside Kunduz - Credit: US Army

 Kunduz in northern Afghanistan was the last stronghold of the Taliban.  It fell on 26 November 2001, after a siege that lasted two weeks.  During that time, it is claimed that Pakistani planes evacuated thousands of Pakistani military personnel who had been fighting alongside the Taliban, as well as a number of Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters.


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Page 317. " Lake Elizabeth Park in Fremont "
Lake Elizabeth in Central Park, Fremont
Creative Commons AttributionLake Elizabeth in Central Park, Fremont - Credit: Kevin Collins

Officially, it is called Fremont Central Park.  The lake is named after the city of Elizabeth in Australia, Fremont's sister city.  The park and lake were both created in the 1960s.


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Page 320. " they use kites to catch fish "

Kite fishing is also practised in Indonesia, as seen in this video:




Sport fishermen are increasingly experimenting with this technique.