"all the members of the Bullingdon Club"

The Bullingdon Club Supports UTG


The notorious Bullingdon Club is an all-male dining club for young members of the upper class at Oxford, who meet up regularly to eat and drink prodigiously before indulging in activities that would be condemned as anti-social behaviour if carried out by youths of any other social class. Club members are necessarily extremely wealthy, as they must be able to pay for the club's uniforms, expensive dinners, and for the damage to property that inevitably follows these dinners.

Club dinners typically start with a private room booked anonymously in a restaurant in the countryside near Oxford. After the diners become sufficiently drunk a great deal of damage is done to the restaurant. On one occasion the club hired a band to accompany them and went on to smash all the instruments, including a Stradivarius violin. Afterwards the members, labouring under the impression that money absolves them of criminal responsibility, try to pay for damage they cause.

Previous members of the Bullingdon Club include the current Prime Minister David Cameron (pictured), the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne, and the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson (pictured).