"The Line of Beauty"
'The Painter and his Pug' (1745)
Public Domain'The Painter and his Pug' (1745) - Credit: William Hogarth
'The Shrimp Girl' (c. 1740)
Public Domain'The Shrimp Girl' (c. 1740) - Credit: William Hogarth

The Line of Beauty is the name given to an elongated S-shaped curve which is sometimes also known as a serpentine line or an ogee.

The term was coined by the artist William Hogarth in his book on aesthetics entitled The Analysis of Beauty, published in 1753.

Hogarth argued that in the visual arts this S-shaped curve creates a strong sense of vibrancy and liveliness. The Line of Beauty shapes Hogarth's painting The Shrimp Girl. It also features on the artist's palette in the self-portrait The Painter and his Pug (1745).  

The Line of Beauty
Public DomainThe Line of Beauty

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