"Peter Crowther's book on the election was already in the shops"
Magazine cover illustration entitled 'Fact and Fiction' (1917)
Public DomainMagazine cover illustration entitled 'Fact and Fiction' (1917) - Credit: Norman Rockwell

There is a British author and journalist called Peter Crowther, but he does not appear to have written on political matters.

Alan Hollinghurst observed in a talk that 'books are often stuffed with information as a substitute for imagination', and that he himself uses information as a 'trigger' for his imagination. Maybe the name Peter Crowther is one such trigger.

Hollinghurst reiterated his views on the use of factual information in novels in a 2012 radio interview, saying, 'I don't actually like research. I slightly mistrust research ... I like things which can act as a sort of trigger to my imagination ... I think it's all too easy for fully-imagined things to be replaced by just great wadges of information'.

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