"a capriccio of Venice in a gilt rococo frame"

A capriccio is a painting in which architectural features, such as buildings and archaeological remains, are depicted in a bizarre and fantastical way. It may also include human and animal figures, but these are generally secondary to the architectural subject.


Capriccio with Ventian themes (2nd half of 18th century)
Public DomainCapriccio with Venetian themes (2nd half of 18th century) - Credit: Francesco Guardi


The elaborate and ornamental artistic style known as Rococo, or Late Baroque, developed in early 18th century France. It is seen as more playful and graceful than the earlier Baroque style.


Portrait of Gabriel Bernard de Rieux (between 1739 and 1741) in a rococo frame
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikePortrait of Gabriel Bernard de Rieux  (between 1739 and 1741) in a gilt frame - Credit: painting: Maruice Quentin de la Tour; picture: Marshall Astor