"a beautiful punk with FUCK tattooed on his neck"

The punk subculture developed in Britain, America and Australia during the mid-1970s. It was characterised by anti-establishment attitudes and a focus on individual freedom. The musical genre known as punk rock was central to the subculture, which also expressed itself through fashion, film, literature, dance and the visual arts. The best known British punk rock bands were the Sex Pistols and The Clash.

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Paris punk (1981)
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeParis punk (1981) - Credit: Gilui

For many, the most memorable aspects of the punk subculture were the clothes and hairstyles of its adherents. Punks wore studded clothing made from leather, rubber and vinyl, which had connotations of bondage and S&M. Clothing was often torn, and safety pins and razor blades were used as decoration. Hair was sometimes dyed in vibrant shades such as green, pink or orange, and cut in the mohican style.

Aspects of punk fashion remain popular today amongst some groups.

American punks (c. 1984)
Creative Commons AttributionAmerican punks (c. 1984) - Credit: Tim Schapker