"the landscape over the fireplace was a Cézanne"
'Bather With Outstretched Arm' (1877-78)
Public Domain'Bather With Outstretched Arm' (1877-78) - Credit: Paul Cézanne
Paul Cézanne (c. 1861)
Public DomainPaul Cézanne (c. 1861) - Credit: unknown

 Paul Cézanne (1839-1906) was a French post-impressionist painter whose work is said to have influenced that of Matisse and Picasso.

His work includes many still lifes; landscapes, with and without  people; portraits; and studies of bathers.

Cézanne landscape (between 1882 and 1885)
Public DomainCézanne landscape (between 1882 and 1885) - Credit: Paul Cézanne