"she was like a Sargent portrait of eighty years earlier"
Portrait of Violet Hammersley (1892/93)
Public DomainPortrait of Violet Hammersley (1892/93) - Credit: John Singer Sargent

 John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) was a prolific artist in both oils and watercolours.  He was particularly sought after as a society portrait-painter in Britain and America.

Self-portrait (1886)
Public DomainSelf-portrait (1886) - Credit: John Singer Sargent

He was born in Italy to American parents, and grew up sharing their nomadic European lifestyle. Following art studies in Paris, Sargent moved to London in 1886, having been urged to do so by his friend, the novelist Henry James.

After a highly successful period as a portrait painter, he closed his London studio in 1907 and subsequently concentrated on architectural subjects and landscapes.