"I picked up a little Directoire bureau there once, bombé it was"
Directoire bombé bureau (U.S. English)
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeDirectoire bombé bureau (U.S. English) - Credit: BBKurt

 Directoire is a style of furniture, decorative arts and fashion which arose between 1795 and 1799. These were the final years of the French Revolution, when France was governed by a group of five men known as the Directory.

Directoire-style furniture is characterised by the use of Neoclassical motifs, flat expanses of veneered wood, and decorative painting.

In French, bombé means rounded, curved or bulging. Bombé furniture has sections with curves or bulges, usually at the front and sides. In British English a bureau is a writing desk or table, with drawers; in American English a bureau is a chest of drawers.

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