"shaking hands with Harold Macmillan at the Oxford Union"
Harold Macmillan (left) and U.S. President John Kennedy (1961)
Creative Commons AttributionHarold Macmillan (left) and U.S. President John Kennedy (1961) - Credit: Don Pinter. Florida Keys - Public Libraries

 Maurice Harold Macmillan (1894-1986) was Conservative Prime Minister of the United Kingdom between 1957 and 1963. He is famously remembered for having told the British public in a speech in 1957 that they'd 'never had it so good'.

Unfortunately, this optimism could not be extended to his own term as Prime Minister, which was marred in its final stages by two scandals: the Profumo sex scandal (1963) and the lesser known Vassall espionage scandal (1962).

Harold Macmillan resigned as prime minister due to illness in October 1963.

The Oxford Union is a prestigious debating society whose membership is drawn mainly from the University of Oxford (see also the bookmark for p.61).