"And that's Sèvres, if I'm not wrong"
Sèvres vase (c.1763)
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeSèvres vase (c.1763) - Credit: Walters Art Museum
Sèvres porcelain tray (1776)
Public DomainSèvres porcelain tray (1776) - Credit: Walters Art Museum

 Sèvres is a commune in the southwestern suburbs of Paris.

Since 1756, it has been the location of the Sèvres company's porcelain factory, which historically has had strong royal and imperial connections. Today, the factory and sales outlet for Sèvres porcelain, known as the Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres, is run by the Ministry of Culture. There is also a museum on the site which, in conjunction with the factory, is now known as Sèvres - Cité de la céramique.



Ceramics museum at Sèvres
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCeramics museum at Sèvres - Credit: Copyleft

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