"the division of the Périgord into areas called green, white, black, and purple."
The four divisions of Périgord
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeThe four divisions of Périgord - Credit: Abrahami

Périgord in southwestern France is one of the country's former provinces. Its area corresponded roughly to that of the present-day Dordogne department.

Although Périgord is no longer an administrative region, it is stilll used for descriptive purposes in the Dordogne area. Specifically, different parts of the area have been given the names Périgord Vert (Green Périgord), Périgord Blanc (White Périgord), Périgord Pourpre (Purple Périgord), and Périgord Noir (Black Périgord).

Périgord Vert in the north is so named because of the lush greenness of it valleys and wooded slopes.

Périgord Blanc, the central area around Perigueux, takes its name from the white limestone which is a feature of the landscape.

Périgord Pourpre's name reflects the fact that the southwest of the Dordogne, around Bergerac, is an important wine-making area.

Périgord Noir, in the southwest of the region, takes its name from the fact that the area is heavily populated with oak and pine trees.


Château de Beynac in the Périgord Noir
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeChâteau de Beynac in the Périgord Noir - Credit: @lain G fait une pause

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