"'Le Matin aux Champs - it's a study, or a little version, of the picture in Brussels.."
Paul Gauguin (1891)
Public DomainPaul Gauguin (1891) - Credit: unknown
'La Maison Blanche' (1885)
Public Domain'La Maison Blanche' (1885) - Credit: Paul Gauguin

 Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) was a French impressionist painter whose work was not particularly appreciated during his lifetime, but became popular after his death.

He painted in France, in Martinique, and in Tahiti, where he produced some of his most striking and colourful works.

No painting with the title 'Le Matin aux Champs' appears in a catalogue of Gauguin's complete works (789 paintings) on the Internet, nor does there appear to be a painting with any other title which matches the description in the text.

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'Riders on the Beach'
Public Domain'Riders on the Beach' - Credit: Paul Gauguin