"a wide-shouldered white-and-gold jacket, amazingly embroidered like a Ruritanian uniform"
Illustration of Austro-Hungarian military uniform (c.1914)
Public DomainIllustration of Austro-Hungarian military uniform (c.1914) - Credit: unknown
Austro-Hungarian Empire
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeAustro-Hungarian Empire - Credit: KarnRedsun

 Ruritania is a fictional country which is the setting for three novels by Anthony Hope: The Prisoner of Zenda (1894), The Heart of Princess Osra (1896) and Rupert of Hentzau (1898). Following the publication of these novels, Ruritania was also adopted as a fictional setting by other writers, and sparked a genre known as Ruritanian romances.

In the Hope novels, Ruritania is a German-speaking, socially divided country ruled by an all-powerful monarch. It is generally supposed that it is based on one of the countries of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which was in existence for about 50 years prior to 1918, and had extensive territories in Central Europe and parts of the Balkans.