"as phoney as the prints on the wall and the Chippendale cocktail cabinet"
Statue of Thomas Chippendale in Otley, West Yorkshire
Creative Commons AttributionStatue of Thomas Chippendale in Otley, West Yorkshire - Credit: Tim Green
American Chippendale-style tallboy (1760-1780)
Creative Commons AttributionAmerican Chippendale-style tallboy (1760-1780) - Credit: Forever Wiser

 Thomas Chippendale (1718-1779) was a renowned London cabinet-maker and furniture designer. He produced work in both the English Rococo, and Neo-classical styles. One distinctive feature of his work is the curved cabriole leg, ending in a distinctive foot such as a lion's paw.

Chippendale was the author of a guide to furniture making entitled The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Directory (1705) which was purchased and used by furniture makers throughout the world.

Reproductions of Chippendale designs, and furniture built in the Chippendale style remain popular today.


Commode attributed to Thomas Chippendale (c.1778)
Public DomainCommode attributed to Thomas Chippendale (c.1778) - Credit: Daderot