"He went into his bathroom and opened the little turret dormer"
Hip roof dormer
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeHip roof dormer - Credit: AlejandroLinaresGarcia
Eyebrow dormer
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeEyebrow dormer - Credit: Lienhard Schulz

A dormer is a projecting structure, built outwards from a sloping roof; a dormer window (sometimes known just as a dormer) is the window within such a structure.

Dormers come in a variety of shapes: for example, a gable dormer; a hip roof dormer, an eyebrow dormer, an arched dormer. A turret dormer is a dormer built in the form of a turret (a small tower).

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Turret dormer flanked by arched dormers
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeTurret flanked by arched dormers - Credit: Henri Docquin