"Am I right in guessing that you are the Glóin, one of the twelve companions of the great Thorin Oakenshield?"

Two dwarves from the Völuspá, by Lorenz Frølich
Public DomainTwo dwarves from the Völuspá, by Lorenz Frølich - Credit: wikimedia commons
Thorin Oakenshield was the King of the Dwarves in Exile, and led the expedition to reclaim the Lonely Mountain and the treasure from the dragon Smaug. Bilbo accompanied them, and their adventures are told in The Hobbit. Their mission was successful, and for a brief time before he died Thorin became the King Under the Mountain. He was slain in a battle against orcs and wolves.

Dwarves (or dwarfs) are creatures from Norse mythology, and later made popular by folklore and fairytales. They are now a common staple of fantasy literature and gaming. In mythology they are associated with the earth, craft, metal-working and greed. They can also be linked with mythological elves, and sometimes associated with death. It is debateable whether or not they were short or of human size in the earlier mythological accounts, but in folklore and fairytales have long been described as short, stocky characters. Tolkien’s dwarves made a huge impact on their portrayal in fantasy fiction, and now they are usually shown as small, bearded, fond of drink and gold, and as gifted metal-workers.