Page 378. " It is miruvor, the cordial of Imladris. "

A clear and colourless liquid that revitalises the mind and body.  Both Orcs and Men are known to have drinks with similar restorative properties to Miruvor, although the Elven brand is more powerful than these others.  How the strength of these drinks compare to our modern day High-Energy drinks is not known as no samples have survived with which to compare; however, it is thought that they were far more potent in the Third Age.

Page 397. " they grew broader and clearer, until their design could be guessed. "
Gate of Moria
Public DomainGate of Moria

The western door of Moria is made from ithildin (see glossary).  Gandalf knew the necessary invocation by which the ithildin would be revealed.  The gates were made by the great Dwarf craftsman, Narvi, with the help of his friend the Elven artificer, Celebrimbor.