Page 462. " Arwen vanimelda, namáriё! "

Aragorn is speaking in the Elven language Quenya here.  The pronunciation should sound like:  "Ar-wen vahn-ee-mel-dah, nah-mar-ee-ay!"  This means "Arwen, beautiful-beloved, farewell!"

Page 467. " When evening in the Shire was grey "

The Tolkien Ensemble perform Frodo's Lament for Gandalf.

Page 470. " Many things I can command the Mirror to reveal "
Magic Mirror
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMagic Mirror - Credit: alexkon at Flickr

There are many stories in folklore and literature of magical pools or mirrors that show visions of the past, present and future. Superstitions surrounding mirrors and reflections include the beliefs that they reflect the soul, will give visions of the truth, and cannot lie. In some countries all mirrors in a deceased person’s house are covered during the wake to ensure that the soul does not become trapped. Breaking a mirror is said to bring seven years bad luck.

The most famous fictional magic mirrors are the mirror in Snow White, which is asked to name the fairest person in the land, the mirror in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, which transports Alice to another land, and the Mirror of Erised in Harry Potter, which shows a person’s greatest desire.