"The letter coincided with the Dig for Victory campaign"
Dig for Victory
Public DomainDig for Victory

One month into the Second World War the Ministry of Agriculture launched a campaign that would provide one of the most memorable slogans of the war: "Dig for Victory."

According to Home Sweet Home Front "The whole of Britain's home front were encouraged to transform their private gardens into mini-allotments. It was believed, quite rightly, that this would not only provide essential crops for families and neighbourhoods alike, but help with the war effort by freeing up valuable space for war materials on the merchant shipping convoys." Until this campaign began, up to 55 million tons of food was being imported to Britain from other countries each year.

By 1943, a million tons of vegetables were being produced in these small gardens - serving the dual purpose of feeding the nation and freeing up cargo space on ships.

During the course of the war, propaganda for the cause was rampant.  In addition to posters and literature, anthems were also introduced, including this one: 


Dig! Dig! Dig! And your muscles will grow big

Keep on pushing the spade

Don't mind the worms

Just ignore their squirms

Abd when your back aches laugh with glee

And keep on diggin'

Will we give our foes a Wiggin'

Dig! Dig! Dig! to Victory!

From Home Sweet Home Front