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Devon, England
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Devon Map
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Devon is 150 miles southwest of London, the last English county before Cornwall.

Gwen's final destination is an estate called Mosel.  "The estate  is named after a house where my father used to live when his father was alive," says Humphreys.

According to Hutchinson Encyclopedia, Devon's topography is "hilly, with the rolling uplands of Dartmoor, and its numerous rugged tors, in the southwest. On the lower slopes of hills the soil is fertile, especially in the lower Exe valley, which has orchards and market gardens. The northern coast is very rugged, with cliffs 122–152 m/400–500 ft high; there are also rocky inlets, the largest of which is Bideford Bay. On the southern coast are the headlands Bolt Tail and Start Point, and the harbours Tor Bay and Plymouth Sound, one of the best harbours in Britain." It's well known for its sheep and dairy and beef cattle, cider and clotted cream and fishing.



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