Page 152. " the works of Dr. Spock "
Benjamin Spock, with his first granddaughter, Susannah, in 1967
Public DomainBenjamin Spock, with his first granddaughter, Susannah, in 1967 - Credit: Thomas R. Koeniges
Pediatrician, author and social reformer, Dr. Benjamin Spock (1903–1998) published the bestselling The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care in 1946. Its permissive philosophy was criticised and blamed for a range of social problems in the 1970s.


Page 175. " school tours at George Washington's log cabin or the Washington Memorial Chapel "

George Washington, as commander in chief, lead American colonials to victory against the British in the American Revolutionary War, and became the first President of the United States. The Continental Army (formed at the beginning of the war) spent the hard winter of 1777/78 at Valley Forge.

On 19 June 1903, the 125th anniversary of the evacuation of the Continental Army from Valley Forge, the cornerstone of the Washington Memorial Chapel was laid.