"And the five provinces of Ireland still reflect that division."
Provinces of Ireland
Public DomainProvinces of Ireland - Credit: Future Perfect at Sunrise

From about the first century AD, Ireland was divided into provinces or kingdoms. The Irish terms for ‘fifth’ and for ‘province’ are the same (cóiced, or cúige, in modern Irish), which reflects the fact that there were originally five provinces: Connaught (Connacht); Leinster (Lagin); Meath (Mide); Munster (Muma); and Ulster (Ulaid). By the 11th century Meath was no longer in existence, and the other four provinces lost their official identity after the English conquest when Ireland was divided into counties. However, Ireland still maintains its division into the four provinces in certain areas such as sport; for example, Ireland’s professional rugby teams play under the names of Connacht, Leinster, Munster and Ulster.