"From now on he is Lleu Llaw Gyffes"
Engraving of (from left to right) Apollo, Lugus (Mercury), Cernunnos
Public DomainEngraving of (from left to right) Apollo, Lugus (Mercury), Cernunnos - Credit: from a book by J.L. Courcelle-Seneuil

Lleu Llaw Gyffes means ‘the fair-haired one with the skilful hand’. The name Lleu is thought to be connected with the Celtic god Lug (the Roman Lugus; the Irish Lugh) who is associated with the Roman god Mercury. He is sometimes depicted in a three-headed form. Variations of the god’s name are to be seen in various place-names, including Lyon, Leiden, Laon and Caerliwelydd (the Welsh name for Carlisle). Lughnasa, the festival of Lug took place on the first of August and continues to be celebrated in Ireland. There are believed to be parallels between Lughnasa and the English and Welsh feast-days, Lammas and Calan Awst.