"Blodeuwedd is ‘owl’ in today’s language"
Barn Owl
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBarn Owl - Credit: Steve Garvie

Although blodeuwedd would probably not be recognized as a word for ‘owl’ by modern speakers of Welsh (who would say tylluan or gwdihŵ), it is listed in the Rev. D. Silvan Evans’s 19th century dictionary of the Welsh language.

Blodeuedd’s story in The ‘Fourth Branch’ was the inspiration for Blodeuwedd, a play by the Welsh playwright Saunders Lewis, and also for The Owl Service, the novel by Alan Garner which was made into a film.

The story is also an important motif in the Welsh-language novel Y Dylluan Wen ('The Barn Owl'/'The White Owl') by Angharad Jones, which won the Prose Medal at the 1995 National Eisteddfod of Wales.