"Peredur son of Efrog"
Perceval, depicted in a 15th century manuscript
GNU Free Documentation LicensePerceval, depicted in a 15th century manuscript - Credit: uploaded by Archibald Tuttle

There are parallels between this story and the poem ‘Perceval, the Story of the Grail’, by the 12th century troubadour Chrétien de Troyes. In the context of The Mabinogion, therefore, ‘Peredur son of Efrog’ is described as one of the 'three romances' (the other two being ‘The Lady of the Well’ and ‘Gereint son of Erbin’). However, the stories of Peredur and Perceval are by no means identical, and it is not clear whether one influenced the other, or whether they emerged independently from similar sources. The debate about which came first has been somewhat acrimonious and has been given the name the Mabinogionfrage (‘the Mabinogion question’). Whatever the truth, in ‘Peredur, son of Efrog’, we are certainly aware of Anglo-Norman influences which are quite different from the Celtic and Romano-British influences that pervade many of the other stories in The Mabinogion.