"Because of that they are called Ffyrdd Elen Luyddog, since she came from the Island of Britain, and the men of the Island of Britain would never have assembled those large armies for anyone but her"
Sarn Helen
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeSarn Helen - Credit: Roger Kidd

An explanation for the name Elen Luyddog, as luyddog is the adjectival form of the noun lluydd, meaning host. For this reason, her name in English is sometimes given as ‘Helen of the Hosts’. She is also known as  St. Helena of Caernarfon, and is sometimes confused with St. Helena of Constantinople, the mother of the Emperor Constantine. There is a Roman road in Wales called Sarn Helen (‘Helen’s Way’), and this is sometimes used to support the claim made in the story that she was involved with building roads (Ffyrdd Elen Luyddog would translate as ‘Elen Luyddog’s Roads’). However, the validity of the name Sarn Helen is itself questionable.