Page 133. " And a fine black gascon horse was brought "
Regions and departments of France
Public DomainRegions and departments of France - Credit: historicair

 Gascony was one of the ancient dukedoms of southwest France. Its boundaries are not clearly defined, however it is generally accepted as being the area southeast of Bordeaux, with the département of Gers (in the Midi-Pyrénées region) as its centrepoint.

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Page 139. " Geraint son of Erbin "

Parallels have been drawn between ‘Geraint son of Erbin’ and Chrétien de Troyes’ 12th century poem 'Érec et Énide'.

Page 139. " One upon a time he held court there at Whitsuntide "
Columbine flower
Creative Commons AttributionColumbine flower - Credit: dawnzy58

In the Christian calendar, Whitsuntide (also known as Pentecost) is celebrated 50 days after Easter Sunday to commemorate the Holy Spirit descending on the disciples of Christ (Acts of the Apostles 2:1-31). It is said that in some parts of Britain, Whitsun celebrations have some of the characteristics of  those of Beltane, the Celtic festival held on May 1st to mark the beginning of Summer.

Two symbols of Whitsuntide are the dove and the columbine flower (genus: Aquilegia).

Page 140. " I am a forester of yours, lord, in the Forest of Dean "

The Forest of Dean is one of the surviving ancient woodlands of England, situated north of the River Severn in the western part of Gloucestershire.


Forest of Dean
Creative Commons AttributionForest of Dean - Credit: Vix_B


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Page 145. " And a sparrowhawk will be placed on the rod, and a tournament will take place for the sparrowhawk "
Medieval Falconry (Codex Manesse: 14th century)
Public DomainMedieval Falconry (Codex Manesse: 14th century) - Credit: unknown
Creative Commons AttributionSparrowhawk - Credit: Mark Medcalf

 Sparrowhawks are small birds of prey of the genus Accipeter. Their traditional hunting grounds are confined spaces such as woodland. In Medieval times they were used in falconry, the keeping and training of birds of prey (especially falcons) to hunt gamebirds. Both men and women hunted with hawks; the sparrowhawk, because of its small size, is said to have been a popular choice for women.