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Page 32. " Then Bendigeidfran ordered his head to be cut off. ‘And take my head,’ he said, ‘and carry it to the Gwynfryn in London, "
Ravens at the White Tower
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeRavens at the White Tower - Credit: A. Norppa

The Gwynfryn (‘the White Mound’) is the name given to a  burial mound said to lie under the White Tower of the Tower of London, the 11th century royal fortress in Central London. Legend has it that not only is Bendigeidfran’s head buried there, but that the head was dug up by King Arthur in order to challenge  Bendigeidfran’s claim to be the protector of the kingdom.

The White Tower, Tower of London
GNU Free Documentation LicenseThe White Tower, Tower of London - Credit: Aiwok

There is a long tradition of keeping ravens at the Tower of London, a practice which has been  associated with the fact that Bendigeidfran means ‘Blessed Raven’. Even today, at least six ravens are kept permanently at the Tower, and it is claimed that should the ravens ever leave, the White Tower will crumble and a terrible disaster will befall Britain.