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Page 54. " he took on the sea’s nature and swam as well as the best fish in the sea. Because of that he was called Dylan Eil Ton "

On the North Wales coast between Aberdesach and Pontllyfni is a headland called Trwyn Maen Dylan (‘the Headland of Dylan’s stone’), and on the beach below is a large stone (sometimes submerged) known as Maen Dylan (‘Dylan’s Stone’). This stone has become associated with Dylan Eil Ton (‘Dylan Son of Wave’), as it is situated very close to that part of the old cantref of Arfon where some of the events of ‘The Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi’ are believed to be set.

Dylan was not a well-known boy’s name in Wales until popularised by the poet Dylan Thomas. It is generally assumed that his well-educated father, David John Thomas, took it from his reading of The Mabinogion.


Maen Dylan
Creative Commons AttributionMaen Dylan - Credit: Harlech