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Page 66. " ‘Go to Arthur’s court,’ she said "

As we learn later in this story, ‘Arthur’s court’ is based in Caerllion ar Wysg (Caerleon on Usk), situated on the River Usk in southeast Wales, not far from Newport. In the more ancient story, 'How Culhwch Won Olwen', King Arthur's Court is said to be at Celli Wig ('Forest Grove') in Cornwall. We are therefore seeing the influence of Geoffrey of Monmouth’s 12th century Historia Regum Britanniae (‘History of the Kings of Britain', translated into Welsh under the title Brut y Brenhinedd), which named Caerleon as Arthur’s court.

Various suggestions have been made about the location of  Celli Wig in Corwall, including Penwith, Calliwith (near Bodmin), and the hill fort at Castle Killibury.