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Page 151. " in the town that is now called Caerdydd "

Caerdydd (Cardiff) in southeast Wales is now the Welsh capital. The original Caerdydd (‘the fort on the River Taff’) was a Roman fort, but little is known of the area’s history between the departure of the Romans and the Norman conquest. Following the  conquest, Cardiff developed into a small anglicized town which by the end of the 13th century had a population of about 2,000. One of the city’s landmarks is the medieval castle, which was converted into a gothic-revival mansion during the Victorian period.

In the ‘three romances’ of The Mabinogion (in contrast to many of the other tales) the geographical settings are generally vague and nameless, so the specific reference to Caerdydd  is rather striking.

Detail from the banqueting hall of Cardiff Castle
GNU Free Documentation LicenseDetail from the banqueting hall of Cardiff Castle - Credit: Wolfgang Sauber