"Zeus now addressed the immortals"
The Olympian gods, by Monsiau (1754 - 1837)
Public DomainThe Olympian gods, by Monsiau (1754 - 1837) - Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Zeus was the king of the Greek pantheon of gods. The main gods of Greek mythology were:

Zeus (sky)

Hera (women, marriage, home and hearth)

Poseidon (sea, earthquakes and horses)

Ares (war)

Aphrodite (love, sex and beauty)

Athene (wisdom)

Apollo (archery, culture, music, prophecy, healing)

Artemis (hunting, fertility, childbirth)

Hephaestus (metal, artisans, blacksmithing, volcanoes)

Dionysus (wine, revelry, theatre)

Demeter (crops)

Hermes (messenger, guide of the dead, travellers and boundaries)

Hades (death). Hades does not dwell with the other Olympians; his realm is the Underworld.

It is recommended for any readers unfamiliar with the Greek gods to read a little of their mythology before continuing with The Odyssey.