"Instead, the immortals will send you to the Elysian Fields at the world’s end"

The Elysian Fields, by Arthur B. Davies
Public DomainThe Elysian Fields, by Arthur B. Davies - Credit: Wikimedia Commons
The Elysian Fields were a mythical place where certain souls may reside after death. Both Homer and Hesiod refer to Elysium as a distant isle in the ocean, according to Homer at ‘world’s end’. Later, the Elysian Fields were understood to be a part of the Underworld. Though later mythology defines the Elysian Fields as an eternal, heaven-like place of reward for the heroic and the virtuous, Homer’s afterlife is a much bleaker picture. Even the great Achilles, as we will see later, is not admitted to Elysium, but endures a grey existence with the rest of the dead. Menelaus, we are told, is only allotted this kinder fate because he is the husband of Helen, and so son-in-law of Zeus.