"the rug from Persia"

Antique Persian Carpet
Public DomainAntique Persian Carpet - Credit: Rugfirm
Carpet-weaving existed in Persia (modern-day Iran) since around 500 BC and remains an important part of art and culture – around 1.2 million carpet weavers work in Iran today. Persian carpets have long been collectors’ items and are regarded as amongst, if not the, world’s best. They are traditionally hand-woven on a loom, and usually made from wool dyed bright colours. There are thousands of different motifs and layout designs; common patterns include religious motifs, paisley, flowers, fish, stripes, trees, hunting scenes and geometric shapes. The Pazyryk Carpet, found in Siberia in 1949, dates from the 5th century BC and is the world's oldest surviving carpet.