"a rescuer for Rapunzel"

Rapunzel is a German fairytale written by the Brothers Grimm in 1812. Their story is an adaptation of the 1698 story Persinette. In the story Rapunzel is the daughter of a poor couple who is taken away from her parents at birth by a wicked enchantress, as punishment for her mother stealing rapunzel plants from the witch’s garden during her pregnancy. The beautiful Rapunzel is imprisoned in a tall tower with no doors, and the enchantress gains access to her by climbing Rapunzel’s long golden hair to the window of her room. One day a prince riding through the forest hears Rapunzel singing. Enchanted by her beauty, he begins to visit her in secret, also climbing her hair, and they plan an escape together. But the witch discovers him, cuts off Rapunzel’s braid to lure him up and then throws him from the tower. The briars in which he lands blind him. Years later, whilst wandering the country, he hears the voice of his beloved again and they are reunited. Rapunzel’s tears of joy fall on his eyes and restore his sight, and the two marry and live happily ever after.

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